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St. Anthony of Padua - Krotz Springs, LA
The Catechism Page​

​Welcome to the St. Anthony's Catechism Page. Here you will find the calendar of class meetings as well as grade level requirements. Please, send any questions or comments to the Director of Religious Education at 
Our next classes are:

 First Communion: Sunday, September
       ​16th @ 9:00am (mass) followed by
       ​our 1st class and parent meeting (at          least one parent must attend)


High School: 9th - 11th Grades
       Sunday , September 16. 4-6PM​

ADULTS or any who have not been Confirmed and want to be CONFIRMED call the office to register- RCIA - Classes call church to register

Holy Spirit, Show me the way. Guide me in all that I do, Think, and Say.
To contact a teacher , please contact the DRE at  - The teacher will then contact you or call me at 337 592 0080.
If there are items you would like to see posted here - let us know, we will try to accommodate your needs.  sardoin
St Anthony of Padua - Krotz Springs, LA
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Mass Schedule:

Weekday Masses:
        ​          W    5:30 PM
          T - TH   12:05 Noon​​​
                  F     7:00 AM
​1st Saturday     8:00 AM  ​

Weekend Masses:

Saturday:  4:00PM   anticipated mass
Sunday:    9:00 AM    ​​​​

Father Michael DeBlanc

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                             Practice at Sacred Heart PB
        ​      ​                      TBA  2019 
                             Confirmation at Sacred Heart
                                    TBA  2019 @ PM

                                              ​Most Reverend 
                                             Bishop Deshotel,                                                                    ​Officiate
                                             ​at  Sacred Heart PB with St Mary's
                                               ​​​and St Anthony's Churches

First Holy Communion



​​​Sunday, TBA.     , 2019 @ 9:00 AM

​  ​​​​Fr. Michael DeBlanc,      Officiate​   

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